about make.life.light

January 2014 - Grandma Ellie's Memorial Service


This website is created for the beautiful humans entrusted to me by God, for stewarding in His purposes...

"I love you with all my heart and "always and forever!" 

Know that you leave me breathless and in awe! My heart smiles when I hear your voice, receive a text, or the best - when we are together!

In 2013, God placed in my heart "make.life.light."

Just recently, make.life.light is beginning to take shape - think of it as one big love letter with photos and stories that y'all can access forever (someone has to pick up the annual domain/web fees when I'm gone! :)

I marvel at where I am today.  I took the long road, one adversity as the teacher (not the most fav route sweet ones), until God made my path straight in July 2004. 

Thinking out loud.. if I share stories about my faith and some lessons learned, something like, "Dear Younger Me," and of course the fun we have had along the way - just maybe, all y'all can avoid a few of the land mines I detonated! :)

Being a single mom (well and sometimes, you raising me) necessity with few resources was the driver. It was "on the fly" we developed "hacks" for just about everything: fixing things, cooking, relationships, fun, DIY, parenting, finances, dating, work, what am I missing? 

I am excited to make.life.light together! Sharing stories, ideas.. faith, love & light, this is where our legacy begins!